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Balby Carr Sport Relief Mile
Friday 21st March was Sport Relief. Balby Carr Community Academy took part in this amazing event in order to raise money for people less fortunate than themselves. The challenge was for every student to run a 1 mile track around the school field, over 1,000 pupils and many staff took part.
In total, Balby Carr raised a fantastic amount of money, totalling £320.00. Mr Dye and Mr Watson who organised the event said, “The event was a great success and we were very shocked to see the dinner staff run the mile in their uniform!”
The winner from year 7 was Mitchell, who exclaimed, “I was very pleased to win and the fact that it was for charity made it even better.”
The year 8 winner Ethan said, “I was very proud to take part in this amazing event, as soon as I found out about it, I started training, I wanted to win and help raise as much money as I could.”
Sport Relief Mile - Fastest Times
Year 7 winner – Mitchell: 6.47
Year 8 winner - Ethan: 6.18
Year 9 winner - Nathan: 6.25
Year 10 winner - Tom: 6.10
Year 11 winner – Mitchell : 6.00
These winners were very proud of their achievement and they should be, because it was for a great cause, which raised £320.00. This total contributed to the grand Sport Relief total of just over £51 million.
Article by Nick, Michael and Lewis
Posted by: Lewis  |  15:04 27/03/2014
Homework - Yes? No? Maybe?
Everyone, adults and students alike, have a variety of opinions and thoughts on the subject of homework. Is it good to complete homework and will it really make a difference for the education of the next generation?
Reporters interviewed pupils from Balby Carr, the first person interviewed was year 9 student Macy, who said, “I think homework is beneficial and does help in order to prepare for our GSCE’s, it is said by many people that we have too much homework but I think we have too little”.
The second person our reporter interviewed was Zak a year 8, he had a contrasting view on homework, he explained, “I think that when a teacher mentions homework, it’s not good, I mean we don’t have enough time to spend with our family and friends or time to do extra curricular activities”.
The reporter also interviewed a couple of teachers, the first was Miss Wild, who said “as a teacher, I do think that homework does help you for the future and that I do not set homework unless I think it will help with the topic and project we are doing and I only set homework if I think that it will help them in lesson”.
The final interview was with Mr. Findlay, who explained, “I do think that homework is important as it can help boost your levels”.
We then went into a classroom full of year 9 students, and asked them to raise their hands if they like homework and only 1/30 students raised their hands.
Article by Chloe and Charlie
Posted by: Chloe  |  15:18 27/03/2014
Longer School Days
Recently, the head of education’s idea of extending the school day has been at the forefront of discussion in many school staffrooms across the country. There are many different opinions on this subject, most however are against this idea, our best reporter went to Balby Carr Community Sports Academy and interviewed a number of people to discuss their opinions on the subject.
Longer school days will cost schools a significant amount of money. The fact there is an extra 3-4 hours will mean that schools will have to pay the staff for longer working hours. Also many students are likely to oppose this idea as they would not get to have their own time outside of school, and they would not get time to spend time with their family.
Some people do not understand the point in having compulsory longer school days; most schools are already open until at least 16:30. Teachers encourage you to stay at school for longer hours to do extra work anyway.
A year 8 student, Jared, explained how, “longer days would be terrible and you would get no free time”.
English teacher at Balby Carr, Miss Wild said, “I would not like it; it would be drag for teachers, but I can see the benefits for students.”
English class, 8y3 said, “we would get no free time to spend with our family and friends.”
Finally, senior leader, Mrs Tester expressed her encouragement for the longer school day, saying “I agree with longer school days but homework should still be put in place as well as longer school days.”
There were some very contrasting views and opinions but all in all the students were mostly against, the teachers however had mixed opinions giving reasons for and against. The teachers expressed very different views on the topic and they think it could help a lot of the students and provide them with extra educational opportunities.
Article by Declan and Kye
Posted by: Kye  |  15:23 27/03/2014
Meet the Team!
Back row: Miss Gray, Kye, Declan, Chloe, Charlie and Miss Wild
Middle Row: Lewis, Michael, Ethan and Tyler
Front Row: Nick and Conor
Posted by: Scott  |  14:29 19/03/2014  |  Edited 15.39 27/03/2014

School Report 2014 Coming Soon!

10th March 2014
Students from this school will be making the news for real on 27 March 2014 as they take part in BBC News School Report. We aim to publish the news by 1600 GMT on the News Day, so please save this page as a favourite and return to it later. In the meantime, take a look at what our students produced last year.
Posted by: Scott  |  09:57 10/03/2014
Balby Futsal
In February 2014 year 8 and year 9 boys took part in a futsal tournament, held on the 3g pitch at Balby Carr and emerged victorious.
Futsal is a 5 a side game of football, originating from Brazil, which requires skill and good foot work. The ball is slightly heavier than an ordinary football and does not tend to bounce.
Balby Carr was unbeaten throughout the entire futsal tournament; Ethan was the first goal scorer for the team. Ethan commented, “We deserved to win because of the amazing effort everyone put in to the game.”
Conor scored the most important goal which opened the scoring in the last game. Conor explained, “I was very proud to have scored the goal that gave the team a little bit of breathing space. We needed a convincing win against the other Balby team in the playoffs, to make it into the Sheffield finals. Declan was the captain, who kept the team spirit sky high. He had a tremendous game playing a key part in every goal scored.
Balby Carr are eagerly anticipating the Sheffield finals, which will take place later in the year and are desperate for another victory.
Article by Conor, Ethan and Tyler
Posted by: Ethan  |  15:28 27/03/2014
Our News Reporters hard at work on School Report Day.
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